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ok ill share this information to all country leaders but we also want to know what happen to sir thomas and the old GH pool of our community can we share it to some GH partial since jan 4 upward manny poor members dont benifit there PH since they join in BR so i would suggest we can match all GH partial to the fund of GH POOL so we can have all trustability for our new system with ICO i hope we can discuss it for a group leaders meeting to clear things happen and to let them understand present situation of BITREGION we can all cancel GH to reduce the server overload but i would like to suggest all cancel GH must refund there passport for the mean time also if about the hacker and fake account we can request all active members to submmit there KYC id and also submmit there real account i hope to here from you again i can have a meeting with other country but we need to have clear information to built our community back tnx for the reply




Admin bitregion
5:48 PM (16 minutes ago)

to bcc: me 
Dear Country Leaders

My name is Aaron Isaac, the new director of Investment of BitRegion

Thank you for your email. 

Regarding your questions, we will clarify this matter once we signed agreement with ICO partner. We targeted the deal will close by this month and we will definitely ensure all the leaders know. If you can collect all the email addresses all the leaders so that we can trace back all transaction before this. We new management team is here to help the community to recover. 

Some of the answers I can answer as per below:

Why You need to buy 3 passports? 
To clarify this questions, we would like to divide members who are active and non-active. Non-Active members does not help other members in the community and some of the users are playing fake PH where the system matched to with GH users but payment is not made. A significant number of Partial status did not complete their GH because of this Problem

Why you need to become active members?
Selected active members in few countries will be given a choice to convert into a new coin offered by our ICO Partner. We will announce this when our partner is ready for Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Systems will change the Passport system to new coin where members who hold the new coin would be able to sell in new coin exchanger with their own set price. An explanation video regarding this will be up on 1st May 2017. We hope user in the community bare with BR and continue supporting us. Please note only active members in selected countries will be able to convert their shares to the new coin. 

When will BR offer new coin ? 
We have signed an agreement with ICO provider and they are now undergoing major test for the system to run smoothly. We would expect this coin will be launched in May/June. 

Why we use the new coin?
The new coin is from Internet Insurance Company where when we signed up with them, they protected our company from any 3rd party attack ie hackers and will cover any unauthorized transaction. We have been effected with the cloudbleed event last few months. 

What Can Users do Now? 
Please continue to do PH if possible to help other members. Meanwhile, you can also wait for the GH to match in the system. System also will impose premier lane for GH where the system detects numbers of passports in the wallet and set priority for the PH to match. This is for users that which couldnt wait for the ICO. The algorithm will be implemented on 15th of April. Please ensure that you collect more passport in order to get into premier if you cannot wait for the ICO. But we encourage users to wait for the ICO offer as this will give users more benefits. 

Is BR Still Survive? 
We will ensure our system running smoothly but it will take some time to recover. Once you have new coin in your hand, you will be able to make profit from it as new members need to purchase it from you. This create pure economic value as the supply and demand will be there. Our partner provide this Coin to make our system recover. 

Regarding of the Support Questions for Ticket, 
For your information, we get thousands of ticket per day with same questions and users each day. this disrupt the daily activity and server load. Once we have all the explanation in clear manner with all leaders and users, we will disable the payment for the ticket.

In Bitregion, we believe in long term relationship with our users where our management will strive to excellence to provide financial freedom to all the users. 

Again, thank you for your kind cooperation and support. 
We will give you a date to do online discussions once the system is ready for the next move! 

Aaron Isaac
Director of Investment BitRegion

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